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Secura® ERP

ERP Solution for Industries

Scientech's Secura® is an ERP Software solution for Industries. It provides solutions that are tailor-made for the needs of manufacturing, distribution, retail and services, including customized business solution for a comprehensive range of industries and vertical markets. Secura® ERP Software is built to adapt, to be a functional fit for your business no matter how much things change. It is built to last like the products you make. Scientech has changed the way ERP software is used to maximize productivity across your business. We understand that many manufacturers have complex businesses that defy categorization, making complex products along side more straight forward repetitive ones. They require a flexible and robust Software that covers the entire spectrum of enterprise functions like - Manufacturing, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, Customer Relationship Management, Process Control, Quality Control, Analytics, Advanced Planning & Optimization, Asset Management and Project Management.

Finance Management
Finance Management

Enhance and automate your core financial operations. Support your most complex financial requirements with accurate accounting and reporting processes. Secura® ERP offers full suite of components that can handle processes involved in General Accounting, Receivable Management, Payable Management, Fixed Assets Accounting, Management Accounting and Financial Services besides providing features for dealing with country-specific tax regulations.


  • Integrate accounts receivables and payable, assets, and other sub-ledgers.
  • Generate balanced and reconcilable financial statements.
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of parallel accounting and multiple sets of books.
  • Monitor your bottom line, increase profits and maintain financial stability in the most efficient way.
  • Get anytime, anywhere access to systems and information.
  • Report, analyze, and allocate cash in real time.
Production Management

Secura® ERP Production Management module manages a real-time MRP (Material Resource Planning) that analyzes sales forecasts, planned procurement according to Bill of Material (BOM), current inventory, and planned production. MRP then recommends and lets you easily execute production schedules and material purchase orders.


  • It allows you complete visual access into your plant jobs, schedules and production plans.
  • Analyze current and future load on production work centers.
  • Plan, execute and track jobs (work station wise or stages wise) which represent instructions to produce a certain quantity of a certain product by a certain due date.
  • Records production and batch planning.
  • Manages inventory and batch control.
Production Management
Production Management
Sales Management
Sales Management

Secura® manages projections, quotations and commissions alongside opportunities and sales orders. Track sales opportunities; manage payment structure and commission-owed records that are generated automatically by customer shipments and other kinds of activity. Track customer satisfaction, sales forecasts and your competition.


  • Display data by sales revenue on manufacturing quantity.
  • Maintain detailed information such as customer ratings, contacts, communication logs and part or item numbers.
  • Manage sales order, sales schedules and dispatch.
Marketing Management ERP
Marketing Management

Secura® Marketing Module will help you strengthen your business with an integrated marketing, sales, and service approach to customer relations. It helps you formulate insights that can increase leads, retention, and revenue. Successful enterprises ensure that every interaction increases their strength as a company. It provides a full suite of capabilities to automate the complete marketing process, from designing inbound and outbound campaigns. Store all customer order and release information such as customer, order number, item numbers, due dates and quantities


  • Define, estimate, review, print and submit quotes to the customer.
  • Track leads to sales closure and improve the opportunity win ratio.
  • Monitor performance and review the strategies made by your sales team.
  • Follow up leads generated during events till closure.
  • Perform cost-benefit analysis on the recorded leads.
  • Track and monitor your sales team's daily activity plan, end-to-end.
Procurement Management
Procurement Management

Secura® gives you the power to plan and execute your supply chain strategies faster and more profitably. Reduce the complexity of warehousing and logistics management and make faster and better decisions to achieve more orders and higher customer service levels. It includes On-time Requisition, Contract Management and Vendor Management. This module also offers access to approved supplies, purchase order management and purchase enquiry to be floated to multiple vendors at a click of a button.


  • Create and maintain Purchase Orders (POs) including blanket POs and one-time “spot buys”.
  • Create and maintain a master list of Suppliers.
  • Supplier’s analysis based on Price, Quality and Time of delivery.
  • Integrated with inventory and lot tracking, problem control, supplies, rejections and general shipping.
  • Receive processed inventory with integrated quality inspections.
  • Source the right materials and services, quickly and cost effectively.
Procurement Management ERP
HR Management ERP
HR Management

Secura® Human Resource Management is a fully-integrated end-to-end HR management solution that gives easy access to data, convenient alerts and reports, organizational transparency. Create and maintain department and employee lists, positions and job descriptions, and training tracking. Display images sorted and filtered by hiring date, department, position, or assignment. Create and maintain employee records such as reviews, disciplinary actions and other key events. Keep track of employee attendance and work hours using electronic or biometric time clocks that are in sync with Secura®. Data is always accurate and up-to-date, making time recording easier than ever.


  • Set up document and manage employee reviews.
  • Meet your unique payroll requirements.
  • Track time and attendance of employees.
  • Maintain a travel log with related employee expenses and activities.
  • Delivers the right information at the right time so that you can make better decisions.
Service & Support Management

By help of Secura® your customers gain speed, breadth, and quality of service. It helps you to track and manage work orders for faster completion and more accurate billing. Gain visibility into each technician's schedule and qualifications to increase resolution speed and minimize non-essential trips. Easily analyze data down to the detail level Marketing Management


  • Define, estimate, review, print and submit quotes to the customer.
  • Track leads to sales closure and improve the opportunity win ratio.
  • Monitor performance and review the strategies made by your sales team.
  • Follow up leads generated during events till closure.
  • Perform cost-benefit analysis on the recorded leads.
  • Track and monitor your sales team's daily activity plan, end-to-end.
Service & Support Management
Service & Support Management ERP
Inventory Management

Secura® enables you to perform Inventory Management in the most elaborate and thorough manner for easy classification and analysis of each inventory item. You can classify items, support multiple units-of-measure for an item, control the source or usage of any item, identify standard suppliers, define planning type, allocation, costing and substitutes for an item and define prices for sales and purchases separately. You can also group the items for effective analysis. The application helps you in executing warehouse operations in a smooth manner by ensuring activities like stock status conversion, stock transfers, creation of opening balances, stock inquiries at BU, determining stocking point, warehouse levels, inquiry of attribute for item information and safety stocks.


  • Group items under different categories for effective analysis and control.
  • Ensure the necessary access controls at your storage locations.
  • Create inventory records identified by unique serial numbers for tracking and traceability.
  • Track returnable and other types of containers and packaging.
  • Maintain Item wise ledger and generate stock summary reports.
  • Generate report of Purchase Order (PO) vs. Material Receipt Report (MRR).
  • Item Landing Price (LP) analysis.
Inventory Management ERp

Get the Secura ERP For Manufacturing Industries, with so many features and modules.



Streamlined business processes will allow your employees to accomplish more in less time.

Labor Costs

Automating certain applications will reduce the number of people required to support your business.

Financial Performance

More accurate financial reporting will speed receivables or give you a more accurate picture of your short & long-term balance sheet.

Inventory Management

Keeping a closer eye on inventory will speed inventory turns and reduce the amount you must spend on slow-moving products.


Real-time financial reporting will give you a clearer picture of your overall costs and help you improve margins on your products or services.

Customer Revenue

By using CRM to recognize customer needs, you can increase revenue per customer, or reduce customer turnover rates.

Maintenance and Support

Less money will need to be spent on maintaining out-of-date legacy systems and improving your bottom line.

Process Improvements

You will be able to eliminate certain costs through automation; for instance, electronic billing can reduce paper invoices, mailing costs, and even certain bank deposit fees.

Get the Secura ERP, with so many features and modules.

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